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Meet the ISO 9001:2015 certified Digital Marketing & SEO agency that brings you traffic and leads

FTCT Future TechnoCrafts is a Top Rated SEO Company in Mumbai, Pune, and India, specializing in SEO Services and Digital Marketing with an experience of 15 years. As a reputed digital marketing seo agency with a proven track record in offering Cost-Effective & Result Driven Digital Marketing SEO Services Company has successfully executed projects for SEO - Search Engine Optimization, SEM Search Engine Marketing, Online Reputation Management, SMO, Pay-Per-Click PPC Ads Management, web design, content marketing, and much more to increase visibility, traffic, leads, customers, and sales through search engine presence Worldwide. Your Search for SEO Agency for getting top ranks in different search engines using full-suite Internet Marketing ends here, We offer a complete internet marketing and seo services from concept planning, strategy building and implementation. Our decades of experience in executing organic SEO to different industries and service sectors has provided us with more case study and development of seo implementation model.

Businesses should learn and develop a strategy for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and grow their business with Google SEO internet marketing strategies. Today, search engine results pages (SERPs) include both promoted and large numbers of organic result groups. While paid ppc advertising, social media, and other online platforms can create a good volume of traffic to websites, most of the engine is still driven via search engines SEO activity. SEO is likewise one of the main online marketing strategies that businesses need to adopt and execute accurately. It can keep on delivering profits after a particular time-frame. If you have strong content with correct keywords, your traffic and leads can increase rapidly. If you need to accomplish good rankings on search engine results pages (SERPs), you have to know where your competitors remain in the SEO strategy and what strategy they have adopted for SEO and digital marketing processes.

With our SEO services, you can have confidence that our team is consistently up to date in search engine algorithms, new SEO strategies, advances, trends and human behavior guidelines of Google. The search parameters are getting updated at a fast pace. The results of search engine rankings can vary depending upon the nature of business and several other factors. For example, while doing SEO for some websites, we will reach a high ranking within 3-4 months after the SEO process has started, while in some cases it may take about 6 months or even more. Also, the sites which are penalised, new or are in the competitive keyword category will also see slow progress. Google rankings will show certain ups and downs during the ongoing SEO activity and it is a normal process as per Google’s ranking algorithm for SEO Ranking, the ranking will stabilise as time passes. We'll help you get better search engine rankings by our advanced SEO method. Our Search Engine Optimization Method for normal and Wordpress SEO is FREE from a dark hat and spam process. We use the latest updated algorithm technology for SEO and Website Designing and plan a hassle-free process for Search Engine Optimization, Pay Per Click, Search Engine Marketing (SEM), Social Media Marketing (SMM), and Digital Marketing Services.

Benefits of Working with a Indian SEO Company for Digital Marketing

Our Clients Come First, meet our Digital Marketing Professionals for Unmatched SEO Results Nationwide and Locally.

  • Online Digital Marketing Consultation from an entire team
  • Cost Effective SEO Services
  • Focus on your Business Priorities
  • Access to the Latest SEO Technology
  • Advance Analytical Reporting
  • Manage Your SEO Budget More Effectively
  • SEO services to More then 150+ Verticals
  • SEO as per Google Algorithm
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Top Digital Marketing Agency with over 15+ years of experience in SEO, PPC Pay Per Click, SEM, and SMO services.
As your partner SEO Agency we help clients gain visibility, authority, customers, and attain leadership in their industry.

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SEO Consultation Service Package

Offered SEO consultation services to more than 1500+ companies on how to derive benefits from Digital Marketing Activities, all our consultation is done by having one on one meeting.

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SEO Packages

All our SEO packages are spam-free and use 100% White Hat SEO Technics, see your ranking getting boosted on your selected keywords, increase in traffic, brand building, and sales.

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PPC Packages

PPC Pay Per Click Management Packages are strategically planned by our experts who will help in the selection of key phrases and other factors that increase your leads, sales, and ROI.


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Get Unmatched SEO Results Nationwide and Locally.

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My Free SEO Audit

Let FTC SEO show you the incentive in SEO Services and Digital Marketing. Search engine optimization gets more visits and views on your website, and that gives more traffic, more customers, and more deals. Does your Website pass our SEO Audit assessment? We will tell you! Our SEO experts are anxious to show you the advantages of our digital marketing process administrations. Most SEO companies are out to sell you on assistance; at FTC SEO, we don't do this. We discover what your needs are to furnish you with the best degree of profitability with our digital marketing administrations, regardless of whether it is through SEO or Digital Marketing.

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Digital & SEO Services Consultation

To deliver sustainable growth and profitability is our priority in this digital world, organizations need to enhance their business value. Our Digital Marketing services and SEO Consultation helps you to integrate sustainable strategies, operating models, processes, and technologies. Creating sustainable value and outperforming has never been more challenging. Empowered customers are defining business on their terms. Regulatory and workforce changes are further influencing markets. Key Features:
Business Growth & Sustainability
Organization Performance
Advanced Analytics & Customer Insights

Seo company in India
Digital and SEO Services Provided to

GROW YOUR WEBSITE TRAFFIC, ONLINE LEADS, AND SALES. As a Top Rated SEO Company, We have built an excellent reputation for Digital Marketing and SEO Services in the consumer goods, heavy industry, manufacturing units, doctors, Water Parks, Vehicle, Transportation sectors, Startups, Service industry, etc. We know search engine optimization and we provide customized solutions to every client ??? each solution being unique and new crafted by a team of experts. We are a Digital Marketing and SEO Consultant to many Business houses were our Digital and SEO Consultation Services are implemented and are getting good results.




The purpose of this Frequently Asked Questions About SEO is to give our clients some general SEO knowledge before diving into the SEO process. Hopefully, by the end of this article, our website visitors and clients will have a clear picture of SEO!


Why FTC should be your preferred SEO Company In Mumbai India?

A digital marketing company in India with 15+ Years of Experience and 1400+ Clients from different business verticals across the globe, we feel proud to feature ourselves as one of the best SEO companies in India Mumbai.

Ethical and Transparency - We offer complete SEO consultation to our clients on keywords and content improvisation. We strictly use Ethical White hat SEO for good Ranking and assure you that no use of the Black Hat SEO.

SEO Results - Proved SEO for ourselves, We Rank on Top in Google Ranking for various keywords and have numbers of clients, who are ranking on the first page for multiple keywords.

SEO Consultation Services - We offer SEO consulting services to our clients before the start of the project. Till date 1000+ Companies have derived benefits from Digital Marketing Activities, all our consultation is by having one on one meeting.

Advanced SEO Technics and SEO Analytics - There are defined protocols or parameters which need to be understood and optimized. Our Experts do analyses of the website visitor's behavior and their inclination. These Analytics help us streamline our strategy.

Affordable - We offer pocket-friendly pricing to our clients for Local, National, and International SEO. Our Results, speak for us, our SEO clients from different business verticals have Top Ranks in Google and other search engines.

What is Organic SEO and SEO Services Types?

Organic SEO search engine optimization is a process of HTML and website optimization. As web crawlers are upgrading their technology, the Organic SEO Ranking process is undergoing very remarkable changes. With the top Indian SEO company with you, the task of content creation and uniquely promoting is managed by us.

Search engines have more than 200+ protocol factors defined, that determine the ranking and success of SEO. Consultation services from an SEO Agency can be helpful if they have very well versed knowledge in the major search engine algorithm updates.

The whole SEO Service process includes:

On-Page SEO - Includes the optimization of the website content, HTML code, Interlink Enhancing, Tags Optimization, etc.

Off-Page SEO - Includes Link Building, Social Media Posting, Search Engine Submissions, etc.

Other Activities:

Website And Web Page Analysis

Meta Tags Optimization

Keyword Research & Analysis

Monitoring Performance of Keywords

Link Building Activities

Competitor Website Analysis

Analysis of Website Visitors

Creating Local Presence Using Google Listings

What Does an SEO Agency Do?

With the top Indian SEO company with you, the task of content creation and uniquely promoting is managed by us. Our SEO service starts after our Team of experienced SEO Analysts will thoroughly study your business and the market behavior to it. Upon discussing with the client and tabling all the required data. Once you start harvesting the results and leads after the successful SEO implementation, you will discover that with such administrations, you will undoubtedly get more than what you spent. Our Digital Marketing Experts will update your website depending and elevate its Organic Ranking in a certain period using our experience. SEO Agency will work on a strategy of - First traffic from SEO activity, then conversion and reverse.

What is an SEO Plan and activities of SEO planning?

SEO Content Planning & Strategy - A refined, Unique, and grammatically correct content with a value proposition is the key to successful SEO.

SEO Conversion - Our expertise in optimization and strategy planning increases the conversion chance. Conversions are calculated in many forms from revenue transactions, increased sales, donations, website sign-ups etc.

Search Analysis - Study of the Complete analytics Report to improve the website visibility through SEO and Search relevant Phrases, to make necessary amendments to improve site performance and user experience.

User Search Experience - A user-friendly and easy to navigate online business and websites plays an important role. Users should find a smooth and quick, responsive feed.

Social & Search Strategy - We create a good social media presence for the website on social media platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn etc. Weak social presence or level of social activity. Social activity is important for customer communication, brand awareness, and as a marketing channel to bring visitors to your website.

What are the advantages of SEO and its importance for business?

Organic SEO is the primary source of traffic from different parts of the world. You need your business site to show up on the main page of Search Engines to direct these users to your website. SEO traffic is free from charges like Pay Per Click, Management fee, etc. It is considered as a standout advertising strategy when compared with PPC Ads where you have to pay for each click and ADS display.

Top SEO Company in Mumbai with Over 10 years of experience is just a call away.