Networking Solutions and Security Company in Mumbai India

Networking Solutions and Security Company in Mumbai

Today nobody can deny the power of networking. Homes, SOHO, corporate houses, etc., are becoming more and more dependent on networking. Be it just for the purpose of leisure or for sharing of ideas or for executing business deals with far-off clients or for simplifying complex processes, networking is making a tremendous impact and incorporating a dynamic change in the lives of people. However, to utilize the full power and benefit of networking, the concerned network should have the quality of efficiency, security, scalability and affordability in terms of maintenance and setup.

Future TechnoCrafts understands this and also is aware of the requirements of the people and the corporate. Future TechnoCrafts has setup innumerable networks for SOHO, commercial and educational institutions, corporate houses and for various charitable organizations. These networks range from setup of 5-6 computers based on Ethernet or as large as 125 - 300 computers for a Financial/Educational/Commercial Organization complete with Firewalls and Routers.

"Our Success Speaks for Us." We believe in amalgamating all the essential features and aspects of networking in such a way, that the final result is well-balanced in terms of security, efficiency, scalability and affordability. And for this reason Future TechnoCrafts has become a major networking giant with network and software setups all around India as well as online Consultants for Networking, Hardware and Software for clients based overseas. Future TechnoCrafts Networking and Technical team consists of the well-trained experts available in the Industry today. All our experts are driven by the desire 'of simplifying and bringing technology to masses at affordable price.' Our Technical and Networking team of engineers is staffed by well experienced and professionals to ensure the highest level of expertise and service. When our clients request support, whatever be the issue, our Technical and Networking team will work with them until they resolve the issue.

Given below are the brief details about the services provided by Future TechnoCrafts.

1. Type of Network Setups done by Future TechnoCrafts
Ethernet Networking
Phone - line Networking
Power - line Networking
Wire - less Networking

Future TechnoCrafts has the technical ability and tremendous amount of practical experience in setting up the above four types of networks.

2. Network Security
a. Virus Protection :

Viruses remain and shall always remain a No. 1 threat to the computing world. The threat is even more deadly and costly in terms of Corporate world. Hundreds of Million Dollars are lost when a network is attacked by a virus and not to mention the amount of crucial data lost in the process. It is estimated that around 75% of corporate loses are due to Virus attacks. And the scenario is expected to be more dangerous considering the existence of around 40,000 viruses with 500+ new viruses coming up each month.

b. Firewalls :

Firewalls have become a necessity in today's world of internet-worked computing. The firewall is one of the most important part of in a network security and is a must for any network. Firewalls filter out the information coming through the internet connection into your network. Without firewalls it would be very much easy for hackers or vandals to break into the network and steal some crucial information or cripple the entire network, resulting in losses in terms of work and money. Future TechnoCrafts has setup firewalls for around 600+ companies and institutions in India and have given online guidance for the same to around 3000+ clients abroad. Our team of technical experts select from the best of the 3 available methods (Packet filtering, Proxy service and Stateful inspection) to setup the Firewalls, depending upon the type of network in question.

c. Intrusion Detection and Espionage :

Many a times it has been seen that data or valuable information has been leaked out to the competitors from within the company itself. It is very much impossible for the management to keep an eye on each an every employee. The result is again a tremendous amount of loss of critical data and money. As a result of such intrusions many of the companies and corporate houses have gone bankrupt in abroad and the trend is catching on in India. The technical expert team at Future TechnoCrafts tracks and identifies all such possibilities and incorporates solutions for such problems. The team is expertise in logging the intrusion, either from within or outside of network, and to determine its origin and collect the evidence.

3. Network Efficiency

a. E-mail Security :

E-mail remains the primary mode of communication among the businesses today. Along with e-mails come the problems of espionage, spamming, forged messages, pornography, etc. These not only clog the precious bandwidth but also cause mental harassments and troubles for management. Future TechnoCrafts provides relief to such businesses by setting up the network to block or monitor such messages and report to the administrator or the management.

b. Web Surfing Control Policy :

Policy-based web surfing is about defining and monitoring what is acceptable surfing in the business environment. Non-business surfing can lead to wastage of resources such as bandwidth and productivity. Future TechnoCrafts provides measures to block unproductive surfing and has done it in almost all of the network setup by us.

c. Bandwidth Optimization :

In India and the Third World bandwidth is still a problem, more so in non-metros. Future TechnoCrafts provides the client with information regarding the exact availability of the bandwidth that they are getting from their ISP and how it is being used. We train our clients (no other company does that) to shape that bandwidth, assigning priorities to applications, users, groups, workstations, etc. based on time, protocol used, etc.

d. Network Fault Detection & Troubleshooting :

Future TechnoCrafts reduces the number of days spent ideal in case of network 'crash down' by identifying the troublesome areas of clients network such as congested segments, overloaded or misconfigured routers and switches and help obtain optimum performance from client's network.

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