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Leading Online Reputation Management ORM Company in Mumbai India offering Online Reputation Management ORM Services to clients based in Mumbai, Pune, Delhi Bangalore and all over India and other parts of the world. Till date we have offered our ORM Services to Company's, 5 Star Hotels and Politicians. We have mastered the art of ORM - Online Reputation Management and we are offering ORM services of different types like Online Reputation Protection and Repair, Online Brand Protection Management, Corporate Company Reputation, Business Group Reputation, Business Houses Reputation Management, Celebrity Reputation Management, Political Reputation Management, Customer Complaint Management, Negative Content and Reviews Suppression, Bad Content Suppression, Bad Company Reviews etc.

Many marketing executives fail to understand how poor Online Reputation Management can damage their company's sales. When potential customers searched the company's name online and find 5 of the top 10 search results are negative. Negative Online Reputation is very hazardous and has a business killing impact but gradually giving negative impact to the brand and the company. Many business owners do not take this treat seriously as a result of which in long run it gets converted into a huge hurdle. We have seen cases were in neglecting Online Reputation resulted in great loses to the companies in coming year. Many a time business owners just plainly say "Why should we worry those are false postings?" or "Those are false allegations" etc, but they do not work on strategy to counter the same.

People should have a great concerns for their online reputation, they work day and night to make a great brand, criticism and negatives reviews are part of online presence, but what is worse is that the reviews or the negative online reputation many times displayed on first page of search engines in ratio of 5:5 or even more when searched, in the name of the company. So wake up before damage is already done, we are here to help you in your Online Reputation Management ORM. Online Reputation Management Protection Service will help fortify and shape your online positive presence against negative review posters. Our Reputation Protection administrations works towards creation and advancement of substance needed for shielding the positive presence.

Online Reputation Management ORM process may differ from client to client depending upon the situation and the quantity of negative presence.

Online Reputation Protection and Repair
Online Brand Protection Management
Corporate Company Reputation Management
Business Group Reputation Management
Business Houses Reputation Management
Celebrity Reputation Management
Political Reputation Management
Customer Complaint Management
Negative Content and Reviews Suppression
Bad Content Suppression Management
Bad Company Reviews Management

Analysis and Monitoring
Negative Severity & Tracking
Engineering PUSH Methodology
Brand Re-Pushing
Re-Engineering Process and Implementing Activities
Appropriate Replies
Domain Link PUSH BACK activities
Re-Analysis of PR activity

Because Online Reputation Management or ORM Services is very secret process and you need to resolve the online negative presence soon, as it hampers the sales and reputation of the company online. Planning to start ORM Services and looking for ORM company, but not comfortable in disclosing the problem? Get in Touch with us and see what we can do for you here at Future TechnoCrafts. Trusted by many top brands for their brand management, do reach us now.

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