Step 1 - SEO Consultation, Search Engine Optimization Consultation / Service

We will have a thorough discussion with your company to understand the type of business and its online processes. We will analyze your needs, identify the type of visitor to be targeted, identify the keywords, and finally incorporate the keywords in such a way that you will get results that you have never expected before.

Step 2 - Analysis of the Current Website

Our experts will be analyzing the websites contents, titles, headings, subheadings, images and various other tags.

Step 3. Analysis of Competitors Website

We will be carrying out the analysis of your competitors website, so as to ensure that our seo process gets the maximum meaning and success from search engine optimization.

Step 4. Optimizing the Websites for Search Engine Optimization

After analyzing yours and competitor website, we will be optimizing the website as per the finalized keywords. The search engine optimization process will include Meta Tags, Title Tags, Removal of Junk Coding, Removal of unwanted scripts, Content editing, Use of Alt Tags etc.

Step 5. Search Engine Submission

We will be manually submitting your websites to more then 60 search engines and directories including Google, Yahoo, Alexa, Dmoz, Msn, AOL, All The Web and Lycos.

Step 6. One Way Links

We will analyze the need for the links and if required we will be providing one way links on one on one basis as per the SEO (Search Engine Optimization) plan taken.

Step 7. Reporting

We will be sending you the report as soon as your website appears in the search engine on the selected keywords, generally the results starts to appear in time frame of 60 - 180 days. Please note that the duration of the search engine optimization report will depend on the type of package taken.