Multi Domain SAN SSL/TLS Certificates Provider Company in India Mumbai, Pune, Bangalore

Multi-Domain SSL/TLS Certificates Company in Mumbai Pune

Multi Domain SSL SAN Certificate, Comprehensive protection for all of your domains

Best Multi Domain SSL SAN Certificate Provider Company in Mumbai India, Pune, Aurangabad, Bangalore, Hyderabad etc. Multi domain (SAN) SSL Certificate is used to secure multiple domains under a single certificate. Securing multiple domains using SAN certificate saves money and time, depending on the certificate authority, a user can secure multi domains under a single multi-domain SSL certificate. We also offer Multi Domain SSL SAN Certificate Installation Service at a reasonable cost.

Under a Multi domain (SAN) SSL Certificate, the primary domain is the first domain and other domains are considered as SAN (Subject Alternative Names) domains. A multi-domain SSL can be issued under domain validation (DV), organization validation(OV), and extended validation(EV). In case of DV, the verification process is simple as per the guidelines mentioned by CA for issuing Multi domain (SAN) SSL Certificate, in case of OV and EV SSL, the verification process involves validating business and personal documents.

Domains a SAN SSL certificate can secure
Single multi-domain SSL certificate
Secure multi number of domains

The examples of multi-domain are given below.

Certificate Authority and Multi-Domain Policy (The policy may change as per the company policy, do check prior to ordering)
Symantec Secure site SSL with 250 SAN Domains
Comodo Multi Domain with 250 SAN Domains
GeoTrust True BusinessID Multi Domain with 2500 SAN domains
GlobalSign Multi Domains SSL with 100 SAN Domains
Entrust Multi-Domain SSL Certificates with 250 SAN Domains
DigiCert Multi-Domain (SAN) Certificate with 25 SAN Domains
Thawte Web Server SSL with 250 SAN domains

Multi Domain SSL Key Features:
Secure Multiple domain names with single SSL certificate
2048-bit SSL Certificates
Secures both and
SHA-256 signed certificates
Almost All Browser Compatible
Supports all server types

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